About Us

Our Mission

Statement of Ministry: The purpose of our ministry is community outreach/relationship building. We want to develop a community resource outreach center that can address the needs of our community. We want to support the community through tutoring, entrepreneurial training, returning citizens resources, trauma training, and social service resources.

Brief Description of People to be Served:

The people that our program would serve the best would be:

Youth (Junior High and High School)

Model Me Over Crown Training Program will be used to build confidence, character and promote self-awareness. Participants will learn how to demonstrate healthy relationships, overcome fears, and have the courage to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Each individual will be required to attend one 8 week crown training session to continue to receive resources.

Young Adults (TAYs and 18-30 year olds)

  • Volunteer opportunity to lead Crown Training Workshops
  • Community Service Groups to promote stewardship

  • Reentry Program (formerly incarcerated individuals)

    *Job Training
    *Personal Development
    *One-to-one Wholistic Support

    Single Parent Households

  • One-to-one Emotional/Spiritual Support
  • Group Outings for Parents
  • Group Play Dates for Single parent Families
  • Emotional Emancipation Healing Circles
  • Other resources and connections to program based on need
  • Life path classes/ workshops for children and parents for future success (ie financial literacy)

  • Families

    *Annual Old School Sports Tournament
    *Thanks-living Celebration Dance
    *Christmas Celebration
    *Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance
    *Mother-Son Breakfast


    *Grocery Delivery
    *Fresh Produce Market

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